How do you pronoun “knee?” : /kni:? or /ni: ??????

If you choose the first option, you are much influenced by Javanese. There is “/kni:/ that refers to a pipe joint.

Yes, you are supposed to choose the second option. Why? The letter “k” in “knee” is classified as a “silent letter” meaning that it is there(written) but it is not pronounced….

Here are other silent letters:

Silent H

  • what, when, why, which, whether, ghost, honest, hour, while, white, where, rhythm

Silent T

  • witch, fasten, castle, watch, butcher,  scratch, listen, match, Christmas, mortgage, soften, often

Silent K

  • knife, knee, knot, knitting, know, knob, knock, knickers, knuckle, knight, knack, knew

Silent B

  • lamb, thumb, numb, crumb, climbing, bomb, comb, doubt, plumber, limb, debt, tomb

Silent N

  • hymn, column

Silent D

  • Wednesday, handsome, handkerchief, badge, wedge

Silent G

  • sign, resign,  foreigner

Silent U

  • guitar, guard, building, guilty, rogue, vogue, biscuit, tongue

Silent L

  • almond, palm, yolk, calm, salmon, calf, half, chalk, walk, folk

Silent W

  • wren, wrote, wrestling, wriggle, wrinkle, sword, whole, wreck, two, wrap, wrong, wrist, writing
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