Forget about listening to the teacher for the whole session in the classroom. Taking notes about the things you want to read later (or not)…then go home without any interesting topics to discuss with friends. No, no. Learning should be fun. LIA Semarang has been carrying out some regular programs to provide fun learning environment for its students. One of the programs is #mambofieldtrip.

The program has been carried out termly, and starting this term, we are using an official hashtag #mambofieldtrip to make it more familiar for the students and those who are curious about our program.

Supported by bersukariawalk, Multicultural Walking Tour was chosen as the theme since it was held in June, the month of Semarang Anniversary, and it is necessary to introduce the cultures of Semarang to the students who are not Semarang natives.

The Mosque: Asian and Arabian Culture

The first stop was at Masjid Layur, that is believed as the oldest mosque in Semarang. Located in an area called Kampung Melayu, the mosque is famous for its tower and its kopi arab which is served during Ramadhan.



The tour was then continued to the next mosque, Masjid Pekojan. Similar to Masjid Layur, Masjid Pekojan also serves special dish during Ramadhan, that is Bubur India (Indian Porridge). An article stated that the dish itself was created by the Gujarati traders that were known to have introduced Islam in Indonesia. Too bad, we didn’t have the chance to taste the porridge.



The visit to Masjid Layur and Masjid Pekojan represented the introduction to two cultures in Semarang. Can you guess? Correct. Malayan and Pakistani cultures.

The Church in Little Netherlands

As we know, Semarang has been known as a busy place even since a long time ago. No wonder, many traders conduct their business in Semarang, including the traders from Europe. To accommodate their spiritual needs, especially the Catholics, churches were also built. If you think that we visited Gereja Blenduk…oops, not that one.

We visited Gereja Gedangan, or St. Joseph’s Church, which is located on Jalan Ronggowarsito, near Kota Lama. The building is easily recognized because of its color, the color of the bricks that was imported directly from the Netherlands.



The Temple

Tay Kak Sie was the last destination for our field trip. The temple is the biggest temple in Semarang. Originally, it was established to honor the Goddess of Mercy, but now, it is also used to worship other gods. Dimas and Fauzan, our guides from bersukariawalk, provided us many information related to the temple and the symbols, including the meaning of Lion and Tiger in the entrance.



Overall, the walk was about 4,5 kms. It was quite exhausting, yet until the end of the trip, the participants were still enthusiastic answering some questions related to the trips. Some of them got special merchandise as the symbols that they have participated in the quiz.

So, are you ready for the next #mambofieldtrip ?


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